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  • The Beginning
    As a child, I loved the relationship between sound and storytelling. Every night, I would fall asleep to storybook tapes, each filled with captivating scripted narratives and enchanting scores. I’m pleased to say that this particular connection hasn’t waned with age. If anything, it’s become stronger. Now, I’m told stories through audiobooks, podcasts, movies, Tv shows, games and more. With each of these mediums possessing their own unique storytelling abilities, it’s this world of limitless possibilities that inspires me to create my own sound - as a way to evoke, embellish and inspire.
  • The Middle
    At one point, I was establishing myself as a filmmaker. Creating content for the likes of Jagermeister, K-Swiss and Reebok. Then, what was once a promising career, was brought to a fairly abrupt halt. After some challenging health complications, I became blind. Though surgery was an eventual possibility, I had to endure blindness for around 6 months. I was fortunate that the surgery restored partial sight in one eye. Through similar health causes, I experienced blindness one more time. It was this second bout that caused lasting damage to my eyes, leaving me registered as blind. Needless to say, my creative direction had to take a new path. And so here I am, a few years later, teaching myself Music Production and Composition. To look at me, you wouldn’t assume that I am what I am. I do a lot of things that most in my position wouldn’t dream of doing, purely based on the perpetual uphill battles that myself and other sight impaired people face each and every day. I find ways to play guitar, film, photograph, edit videos, play games in VR and (worryingly, to those close to me) ride a bike.
  • The End
    I feel very confident in stating that music will play a prominent role in my future. This new career and creative direction is something I’d one day look to use as a way to educate and inspire others. Additionally, using sound as an integrative part of mental health treatment is another end goal of mine. Watch this space.



I'm a composer and sound designer, across a  number of genres and styles. Any project, big or small, across any industry type is always worth my time.


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